Born 28th May 1925, Illinois, USA
Birth Name
Joined Cherub


Appearance Tall and gangly with long dark hair, usually greased back

Poker, blackjack, con tricks & easy living.


Honest graft, the NYPD

Cherub Career
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The One With A Dodgy Past

Philippe Tomas Bivott – known to all as PT - was born in Chicago to first generation immigrants from France.

His father was a talented thief, but when a robbery went disastrously wrong thirteen year old PT stowed away on a boat to Europe, with nothing but the clothes on his back and a sack stuffed with twenty dollar bills...

By the age of fifteen PT has been fending for himself for two years. He’s worked as a cabin boy on cruise ships travelling to North Africa and cheated his way to a small fortune at the poker table.

But is PT loyal to anyone other than himself?



“It was nice hanging out with you guys, but now Henderson's changing it all. I mean, radio transmissions? Contacting the British government? That's dangerous and I'm staying out of it.”PT gets cold feet about Henderson's plans.


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