Born 1907 London, UK.
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Joined Cherub


Appearance Above average height, dark hair. Handsome, slightly unkempt appearance but with good teeth.

The thrill of the chase.


Bureaucrats, Nazis.

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The Man With A Plan

After leaving Burghley Road Grammar school at the age of fifteen, Henderson worked briefly in a die-cast metal works before following his father into the Royal Navy.

He served on numerous ships, reaching the rank of Commander by his mid twenties. In 1931 he moved into a diplomatic role, serving as a naval attaché in Gibraltar and North Africa.

Henderson turned down two offers of promotion to Captain, preferring to apply for more junior postings at sea. Unfortunately, Henderson’s language skills – he not only spoke the five major European languages fluently but could accurately mimic regional dialects – meant that he was of more use to the Royal Navy behind a desk.

In 1935 Henderson was reprimanded and transferred to an obscure branch of Naval intelligence known as the Espionage Research Unit following a dispute with his commanding officer.

Henderson married Joan Harper-Watt in 1929. A daughter Hayley was born in 1936 but died from tuberculosis at the age of eighteen months.



“The ability to blow stuff up is always useful.” Henderson on the subtle art of espionage.


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